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  • Martinez Vintage Port 1967 late cellar release 2017
  • Wine & Soul Pintas Vintage Port 2015

    Wine & Soul Pintas Vintage Port 2015

    Vintage Port

    Sandra is winemaker at Quinta do Vale D.. Maria since 1999 and in Quinta de Chocapalha (ffamily´´ss estate)) since 2000 andJorge is also winemaker at Quinta do Passadouro and is envolved in new projects in Douro Valley..“IIn 2001 we decided to make a wine together,, so we bought an old port lodge at Vale de Mendiz,, rebuilt the lagares and choosed grapes from thePinhão Valley.. In 2003 we bought the vineyard.. 
    Our goal is to create wines that express all the character of the traditional vineyards and varieties from the Douro Valley.. A balanced wine between the concentration,, complexity  and elegance..””

  • Quinta do Vale Meao Vintage Port 2015

    Quinta do Vale Meao Vintage Port 2015

    DOC Vintage Port
    zeer kleine productie, naar NL 60 fles
  •  Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port 1995

    Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port 1995

    Vintage Port

    The winter of 1994/5 brought good rainfall to Vesuvio. However March and April were surprisingly warm. This encouraged very early leaf growth, budding and eventual flowering. By early August the old vineyards were some two weeks ahead of their normal level of maturation. By the end of the month, which had been very hot, the grapes looked in excellent condition, with the slight “wrinkling” that demonstrates to a Port producer that the juice is very concentrated and rich. Picking started on the 4th September, some 14 days earlier than average. A little rain had softened the skins allowing for easier colour extraction.

  • Quinta do Vale D. Maria Ruby Port

    Quinta do Vale D. Maria Ruby Port

    Een ruby port wordt zo genoemd omdat hij een robijnrode kleur heeft. Karakteristiek is ook het uitgesproken fruitige karakter. De wijn heeft een zeer volle smaak van rijpe kersen.

    Vooral geslaagd als aperitief, maar hij kan ook bij het dessert geschonken worden, zoals bijvoorbeeld bij kaas, noten, taart (scharzwalder kirschtorte) en chocoladedesserts.
  • Quinta do Vale D. Maria 10 years old Tawny Port